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OW – 130 Plugin Diffuser With Sensor


OW – 130 Plugin Diffuser With Sensor


Free Shipping $99+
Free Shipping $99+
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500 Square Feet Coverage

Enhance your environments scent with our cold-air nebulizing diffuser.

Silent Quiet

Feel comfort in knowing that all of our machines are extremely quiet and will blend in with the ambient noises in your surroundings.

Intelligent Scenting

Create the perfect setting and easily adjust your scent intensity levels with a few clicks of a button



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The OW-130 is re-usable plug-in that fits in a standard wall socket. The sleek design enables it to be used as a stand-alone device in any space you would like to control the scent in. Our cold-air, nebulizing diffusing technology ensures even coverage of scent throughout your environment. The technology we use breaks up the essential oils or aroma into tiny nano particles and disperses them in the atmosphere via an internal fan. By not using heat or water to diffuse the oils you are preserving the oil properties and extending the refill rate.

All of our diffusers are made with commercial-grade quality components and have corrosion-resistant  shells to protect internal parts.

Has an intelligent motion sensor to spray when someone walks in the room.

In addition, you can use any essential oil or fragrance in our machines and won’t be restricted to buying just our essential oil blends. There is NO contract or monthly fees associated with this machine.

Key Features

  • Scent over 500 sq ft
  • Motion sensor
  • Standard wall plugin
  • Cold-air nebulizing technology
  • No water needed
  • No heat used
  • 130 ml essential/fragrance oil capacity
  • Continuous atomization technology
  • Uniform diffusion
  • Can use any oil or fragrance
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • No contracts or monthly fees

Q. How long does 130 ml of oil last?
A. 1-3 months depending on the length of time on per day and what the intensity level is set at


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